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Shenzhen-ZhiChuang Hong Ltd.

Shenzhen-Hong Year of Science and Technology Co., Ltd. After several years of effort and development, Lan R D and management personnel, developed a series of intelligent products, the company developed the production of hardware products: the word gates, three roller gates, wing gates, swing gates, revolving doors, etc., the software system are: resorts, theme parks, playgrounds, gymnasium, swimming pool and other ticketing management system, theater ticket management systems, ice rink management system, the exhibition management system, ports ticket system, series ticket system. In the company of quality of survival, to the credibility of the market, innovation and develo ...

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Customization process

  • Provides customized demand
  • Signed contract orders           
  • Down payment commitment           
  • Strict record order requirements           
  • Determine design renderings           
  • Selection of quality control           
  • Construction completion
Now customization

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The warranty and after-sales solution
1. The equipment acceptance system since the opening, from the date of acceptance of one year free warranty (except fault
Bar code ticket on-site printing solution
Bar code ticket on-site printing solution Real-time print out the ticket, its advantage is fast and stable, anti-counterf
IC card to sell CARDS fast solution
For customer concerns about IC card sale card is slow, we proposed the IC card of precast and volume activation card solu
Fingerprints to solve problem
Fingerprints to solve problem A collection, fingerprint The phenomenon description: a teller fingerprints or some hard te

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